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1703 Topic: Hoi, Sitting Bull.....

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Hoi, Sitting Bull.....
July 21, 2012, 23:53:37

how's your confidence level, mate?  I did warn you about some big black clouds rolling in and hitting you square in the face...did I not? Besides, the cloud you chose to sit on is evaporating from underneath your big fat ass. After being unceremoniously dumped as competition leaders you are now facing the biggest challenge of the year in beating the team who out-cheated and outplayed you last time. Not sure who the Ref is but if it's Big Bad Brycie....dear know what Blackudder had to say about him the last time you were out-cheated. It's going to be an agonising week of never-ending misery for you my friend, there's not much you can do  other than to contemplate a life without squaws and ponies....and your earliest win in 2013.

Thanks for all your [removed]y posts through the comp, it was a good laugh, I hope you survive long enough to see the Boks kick the asses of your other smitten team, the AB's.

sitting bull

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RE: Hoi, Sitting Bull.....
July 22, 2012, 00:38:46

....Eggon face sounds a bit tired and grumpy now his wombat team got beaten and no wombats left ...Egg on face obviously needs to get some rest ,maybe eat a few eucalyptus leaves and wash egg off face haha......Mighty Chiefs like fine NZ wine...getting better all the time so stay tuned for another cooking demonstration from the masters...Mighty Chiefs hot as indian curry...Mighty Chiefs sure as eggs to bring home the bacon haha......some food for thought there Eggon face...

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